As a brand new blogger, I’ve decided to share 20 facts about myself for you to get to know me better.




1. I am 20 years old and my birthday is on the 10th April.

2. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, aged 4 months, 3, and 17.

3. I have just finished my second year of studying law at the University of Sussex – hard work, stressful, but only one year left!

4. My family mean the absolute world to me and always come first.

5. I am the biggest chocoholic I know, and I’ve given up trying to change that because realistically it’ll never happen!

6. I love to travel and experience different cultures! My last trip was Marrakech and I’m off to Mauritius very soon.

7. I’m super organised and have a plan for just about everything!

8. I love horses since starting riding lessons when I was 14. Unfortunately it’s been a while and I really miss it!

9. I’m quite tall, 5’10 to be exact, but I still love wearing heels.

10. My favourite night in (and when I say night…this can be any time from 4pm onwards) is chilling in my pyjamas with candles lit and fairy lights on.

11. I’ve always loved cooking and making things from scratch.

12. You will hardly ever hear me swear. I really don’t like it and even tell myself off if a swear word accidently slips out.

13. Although I study law, I don’t plan to be a lawyer, far from it in fact! My dream job is to be a wedding planner.

14. I get far too excited about Christmas! Watching Elf at least 3 times a week starts in October, and that’s if I haven’t had a cosy night in watching it in the summer.

15. I love learning languages. Although I only know bits and pieces of most of them, I realised last summer that I can in fact speak quite a bit of French! It was the main language of most people I met in Morocco, and I really surprised myself that I could chat away to everyone! I guess that B in GCSE French has finally served its purpose!

16. I don’t drink any fizzy drinks at all. I’ve tried but I really don’t like them! Pass the water – but make sure it’s still not sparkling.

17. I’ve been to Disney World in Florida twice and would always go back, but I’ve always wanted a cute weekend away at Disneyland Paris.

18. I’m a bit of a clean freak, everything has to be in its place!

19. I’m obsessed with weddings and have been planning mine for years

20. Cocktails are my absolute favourite. I feel like this is way too far down the list to mention them as well! Check out this post for my favourite recipe


So there you have it…20 random facts about me.

I’d love you get to know you better too. Tell me a random fact about yourself!


Love Emily  x