It’s finally holiday time!


I always get really excited for holidays so I actually packed last week because I couldn’t wait any longer!




I also usually pack far too much, but I seem to have done quite well this time and I could actually shut my suit case without having to jump on it! I’ve learnt that I need to pick outfits before I go, and not just take everything I think I might want when I’m over there!




Here’s a few tips I always use to make packing a lot less stressful!


  • Plan outfits. You’ll certainly need a different evening outfit for night you’re away, but you can cut down on the day time outfits if you know you’re going to be spending most of your time in a bikini.


  • Keep jewellery, beauty products, and any other little bits and pieces in separate make up bags so you don’t have to rummage around your suitcase every time you want to find something.


  • Roll not fold! Rolling clothes instead of folding them stops them from creasing – this is my favourite tip of all time!


  • Keep a list. I have lists for just about everything, but a list for packing is essential! Once you’ve packed most of your things, write a list of the items you’re still using and need to pack last-minute.



Making a list for everything you need in your hand luggage also really helps!

Here’s mine…



Boarding pass (print at home after checking in online)

Documents (transfer and hotel vouchers, as well as travel insurance info just in case)

Flight socks (I always prefer to have my own!)


Hand sanitizer (keep it below 10ml remember!)


Lip balm






Ready to go!


Let me know if there’s anything I might have forgotten, I’m sure there probably is!



Love Emily x