We’re in Mauritius! I know I said I’d keep you all updated with what we’ve been up to, but with beaches to lay on and seas to swim in it’s been hard to find the time!


The natural beauty of the island along with the wealth of culture makes Mauritius the perfect destination to call paradise.


We arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and our hotel is lovely…it feels like an exclusive retreat! We have a private beach with watersports, and the nearest town is just down the road, but it’s great because where we’re staying isn’t over-populated with big hotels and lots of tourists.




Mauritius is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, with a population of just 1.3 million. Although famed for being one of the world’s top luxury tourism destinations with it’s white sand beaches and turquoise waters, it soon became clear that there is so much more to see.




It’s currently winter here, which we didn’t realise, so we were a bit worried when we woke up the first morning to rain and a couple walking past our doors in fleece jackets! But by winter they just mean a bit windier than usual with the odd rainy day. I’ve spent the week in my bikini boiling hot, so if they want to call that winter then that’s fine with me!


As it was rainy on the first day we decided to go into Grand Baie, the town just down the road. After walking for an hour an a half (baring in mind it’s only 10 minutes down the road) we finally found Grand Baie! It might have been long, but it was a great way to see everything, and stop off at a few beaches on the way when the rain stopped…the weather is so strange here in winter, one minute it’s raining and the next it’s really hot and all you want to do is be laying on the beach!


In Grand Baie we had a look around the shops, went to the Bazaar, and checked out some local tour company’s to see what excursions we could do whilst we’re here. Then we very sensibly got the bus back to the hotel after all that walking!


We’ve also spent lots of time at the beach which is just perfect! In between sunbathing sessions we’ve been kayaking and going on the pedalo’s in the sea. We also went on a glass bottom boat around the lagoon by our hotel to explore the coral reefs.




Today we’ve been sailing the Indian Ocean, which you can read about here!


We’re having the most amazing time, and have got lots more exploring to do over the next few days, as well as plenty more relaxing on the beach!


Anyway…must go, more cocktails have just arrived!



Love Emily  x