I have the best dad in the world! I know, everyone says that, but mine really is!



Unfortunately I can’t be there for Fathers Day as I’m currently on holiday, but we had our own ‘pretend’ Fathers Day last week with a surprise meal out at one of dad’s favourite restaurants and a home baked chocolate cake when we got home.

Whilst I’m at uni I miss my family so much, and I love how excited my dad gets when I’m home! I try to go home for all of the Norwich games which is our daddy – daughter time. We’ve been going to the football together ever since I was little and I love getting to spend time with my amazing dad, along with all of the fun days at home and little holidays we spend with the whole family.


My dad is the best and I love him lots and lots.


Happy Fathers Day to the best dad I could ever wish for, and happy Fathers Day to all the other dads out there too!




Love Emily x