Right now I am really, truly happy. We all have those days where things get to us, but overall I think I am the happiest I have ever been right now. And that really is the best feeling in the world.


Here are four great reasons to be happy.



1. We have our whole lives ahead of us

Everything we do is up to us. We have so much to do, see, and achieve…how exciting is that! It’s your life, everything is up to you. Anything is possible, you just have to figure out how. And every new day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday.


2. We care about people, and have people who care about us

Forming relationships and having personal connections is what makes humans wonderful. Family and friends are the most important people in our lives, but how about the less obvious ones too. The little old lady sat in her living room who sees you go past on your way to work at a certain time everyday would notice if you didn’t walk past one day, and she’d wonder where you were. She’d think if you were ill, if you were on holiday, if you’d gotten a lift, if she’d just missed you walking past, because even though she doesn’t know you, she cares about you, and that’s amazing.


3. We have the power to help others

Isn’t that great? I don’t know about you, but I always think improving the lives of others also, in turn, improves your own. You don’t have to be a doctor saving lives, just smiling and saying good morning could make someone’s day.


4. We have the power to be who we want to be

We decide who, we decide how, and we decide when. It’s so important to remember that we can be whoever we want to be. We should make our own paths, and never let anyone stop you along the way or make you change this.




Love Emily x