This weekend my family came down to visit me in Brighton. I’m really close to my little brother as sister so I was really excited! I’ve also been in Brighton by myself for almost 2 months as all of my uni friends have gone home for the summer, so it was nice to have some company!



After a quick trip to the park for me and Corey on Saturday morning, we all got ready to go to the beach for the day. Having a 3 year old brother and a 6 month old sister is great, because I get to do all the fun kiddie stuff!


We had our picnic at one end of the beach and then headed down to the Volks Electric Railway, just by the Marina, and got the electric train to the pier. Brighton is crazy busy on sunny days, so it was absolutely packed!





We spent most of the day at the water play park in Hove which Corey absolutely loved!





For dinner we went to the new TGI Friday’s at Brighton Marina for cocktails and their amazing Jack Daniels burgers.





Sunday we went back to the beach and it was even busier! We had a picnic on the beach and me and Corey played in the sea throwing stones (I wasn’t sure what he’d think of a beach without sand, but he had a great time!)





We then went down to the pier to go on a few rides, before getting a delicious ice cream at Sprinkles Gelato. They have so many great flavours, it’s definitely a must-visit in Brighton!




It was so much fun having my family down, and exploring Brighton as a tourist rather than a student!


I hope you all had a great weekend too.


Love Emily  x