I haven’t blogged for sooo long! It’s been a while, but I can’t wait to get back into blogging and I already have so many post ideas.


Since last time…

  • I finished my internship in Brighton. I loved it so much and I can’t thank Zoe and Myles, the directors of Mixology Group, enough for having me. It definitely confirmed that working in events is the direction I want to go in.


  • I bought my first car. (Finally!) I’m very lucky that my dad and step mum helped me to buy the most perfect little car and I love it.


  • I’ve moved back home!  I loved Brighton and miss being around my uni friends all the time, but moving back to Norfolk and just commuting to Brighton twice a week turned out to be the best option for my final year at university. I love home so much so I’m really enjoying being here, and I’m loving having all of my home comforts and family and friends around.


  • I gained a step mum! On 23rd December my dad and Hayley got married with a beautiful Christmassy wedding and it was perfect. I’ll post some pictures soon!


  • I’m half way through my final year at uni. It still amazes me every day that I’m actually doing a law degree. I love uni and really enjoy studying law so it’s sad (and scary!) that it’ll all be over soon. Part of me wants to live the uni life forever, but I’ve already slipped out of student life by living at home again and doing my own thing and am loving it, and I’m definitely ready to leave education after 16 years of it!


  • My eyes have been opened and I feel great! This is my favourite one. It’s hard to not get overwhelmed after going from having your own house 200 miles from home, to moving back in with your parents, and also knowing that in a few months I’ll be graduating and stepping out into the big wide world. I went through a phase of feeling so lost just after Christmas, partly because I’m a worrier and it scared me not having a plan. But I finally feel like I’ve figured things out a bit so I’m really happy right now and am excited for everything the future has to hold, which is the best feeling in the world!


Speak soon!

Love Emily x