Final Countdown

After three of the most amazing years at university, I am almost finished!


Right now I’m 10 days away from my final exam (3 days away from my first…eek!) and although I’m sad that uni will be over forever, I can’t wait to be free from revision!


Although I was stressed whilst finishing my dissertation thinking about how much work  I still needed to do before exams, revision is going really well so far. Anyone who knows me knows how super organised I am, so I’ve been living by a schedule which tells me exactly what work I need to do hour by hour from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed (revision starting at 8am and ending at 12am this week!) Sounds strict but I secretly love it!


I’m actually really looking forward to exams. I always get really excited (loser!)…who knows why! I think it’s partly because I love having my strict revision schedule, and partly because I love challenging myself. Strange I know, but at least it keeps me relaxed and means I never get too worried about them.


Anyway, I better get back to work…that’s my (scheduled) break over!

Only 10 days till freedom…


Love Emily  x