What a perfect way to spend my day off! This afternoon I’ve been soaking up the sun on the Broads. I always go on about it, but I really do feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful county. I’ve always wanted to hire a day boat on the Norfolk Broads so I was really excited for today!




We picked up the boat from St Olives and went down the river to Somerleyton where we moored up and walked up to The Dukes Head pub for lunch.





Turns out I’m actually pretty good at boat driving! We took one wrong turn but luckily realised we needed to turn around before we got to Norwich (oops!), but I didn’t crash and we didn’t end up in the reeds, so I’d say that’s pretty good!


I’ve had such a lovely day, and now I want my own boat so I can go out on the Broads every day! The ones I googled aren’t quite in my price range, but I can’t wait to hopefully have some more sunny days on a day boat this summer.


Love Emily  x