Bangkok has been everything I’ve wanted it to be, and the perfect first stop. I can certainly see why people say you don’t need to spend any more than a couple of days here, and I completely agree, but I’m so glad I came.

I’m already finding it easy to call places ‘home’ out here. As I stepped into the airport in Bangkok I just smelt Thailand, the same smell I remember from when I visited over 8 years ago…don’t ask me how I remeber, it just suddenly came back to me! All of my worries about feeling alone or it taking a while to settle in dissapeared within minutes of being here.  I feel so comfortable and relaxed. I’ve only been here a couple of days and I’m already having the best time, everything is so exciting and I can’t stop smiling! 

I arrived early Wednesday morning and got the sky train and then a taxi to my hostel. I don’t know how I was awake considering I hadn’t slept since Monday night, but I wanted to go and explore right away!

First I visited the Golden Palace, and then Wat Pho temple with the famous ‘Sleeping Buddha’.

The amazing thing about Bangkok is that it’s all hustle and bustle with lots of building and busy roads, and then there’s the most incredible temples dotted around.

What I love about being here is that I’ve hardly seen any tourists. The Golden Palace was full of them (which was actually great as I only found my way there by following a group of Chinese tourists led by a man waving a big flag!), but pretty much everywhere else is only Thai people, which I love. The people are really friendly too, always smiling at me and a man even helped me cross the road this morning as I’d been standing there 5 minutes and working out how to get across a busy junction with no traffic lights is almost impossible!

Anyway, back to yesterday. After making friends with a girl in my dorm from discussing outfit choices as we were having a big storm (I say big, it lastd about 20 minutes, but it was raining really hard!), I headed out to Khaosan Road, the famous tourist road in Bangkok. 

One of the things I really wanted to do while I was here was ride a tuktuk, and it was as much fun as I’d hped! The guy at the hostel reception said to get a taxi because tuktuks rip tourists offend you have to barter hard, but it ended up costing the equivalent of £1.40 so if that’s expensive that’s fine by me!

I loved Khaosan Road, full of market stalls, street food and bars playing live music.
While I was out I had a Thai massage which was amazing and just what I needed, and then had Pad Thai for dinner. The food here is amazing, I keep buying it just because it’s so nice even when I’m not hungry, I’m going to go home so fat!

Right…the journey back to the hostel. Look away now, mum! I thought I was getting a taxi, which I did I guess, but it was a moped taxi! So there I am on the back of this moped weaving around the busy streets of Bangkok hanging on for dear life. Although I definitely won’t be doing it again, it was an experience! I ended up just laughing at myself because only I would end up in a situation like that by accident!

Today I’m appreciating the heat a lot more rather than moaning about it. I’m currently sat on the terrace outside the front of the hostel watching the world go by.  This morning I walked to the flower market and vegetable market which was such a great experience. Like I said before, no tourists at all so I really was experiencing the every day life of people living in Bangkok. 

It’s been really nice today just chilling out/  Everywhere here seems pretty safe (as long as you look at least 20 times before crossing the road!), and I knew my hostel was generally north east of where I was , so I just wandered up and down streets and through a couple of parks before finding my way back.

Tonight I’m getting the overnight train to Chiang Mai, so for now I’m just at the hostel. The heat is too much to be out all day and everyone here is really friendly so it’s good to chill out for a bit.

I haven’t been here long but I’m already loving every minute and I can’t wait for what the rest of the trip has to come!

Love Emily  x