Last night I spent the evening at a Thai cookery school, Thai Akha Kitchen, in Chiang Mai.

I learnt so much and the food tasted amazing…better than anything I’ve ever had at a restaurant, and it definitely didn’t taste like I’d cooked it!

We got to cook (and eat!) 11 dishes, which we each got to choose from the menu, including 3 traditional dishes from the Thai Akha tribe.

Here’s some of what I made…

Akha Salad and Soup
Sapi Thong
Papaya Salad and Spring Roll
Pad Thai and Chicken Coconut Milk Soup
Red Curry
Mango with Sticky Rice
Coconut Milk Stewed Pumpkin


At the end we got to take home a recipe book of everything we made, and I can’t wait to try it all again when I get home!

Love Emily  x