Today has been incredible! Feeding, bathing and playing with the elephants at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary has 9 camps with around 80 elephants, all rescued from tourist attractions that use them for riding or shows. 

I went with a girl from my hostel who I’ve become good friends with, and we also got talking to people on the way there from Korea and America so we all spent the day together. 
When we arrived we learnt all about the elephants, and then changed into traditional clothing. Elephants are highly intelligently so by wearing the traditional clothing they learn to understand that we are safe and looking after them, and not the people who used to abuse them in their previous homes.

First of all we fed the elephants bananas.

And then collected bamboo for them too.

This is Adrianna from my hostel who I visited the sanctuary with
The two babies were so cute! 6 months old and 9 months old, and they were still working out how to use their trunks.

Next we went to another camp where one of the elephants was pregnant. You could see and feel the baby kicking inside and it was such an incredible experience!

Then we walked through the jungle to see some the oldest elephants.

After a really tasty Thai lunch, we made healthy fibre balls for the elephants from banana, lime juice and different grains of rice.

The most fun part of the day (even though it was all amazing!) was scrubbing the elephants in the mud bath, covering both them and us!

Then we walked them down to the river to play and wash off all the mud.

I can’t even begin to explain how incredible today was! I definitely recommend anyone visiting Thailand to spend the day at an elephant sanctuary, and Elephant Jungle Sanctuary was amazing.

Love Emily  x