I loved my day and evening at Fisherman’s Village and it’s definitely one of my favourite places I’ve been to in Thailand.

During the day there are pretty little streets to wander around, with restaurants overlooking the sea and a mix of local and tourist shops, making it feel like a true seaside village.

I also found one of my new favourite beach clubs, Cocotams. Along with the group from my hostel I mentioned in my previous post, we spent the afternoon chilling at the beach by Cocotams and then came back later that night.

At 5pm on a Friday the streets of Fishermans Village turn into one big market, looking really pretty with fair lights all around. 

Of course my favourite was the food area, which is the best place I’ve found for street food so far. I had spring rolls (I can’t stop eating them here!), chicken skewers, and Oreo and Koko crunch ice cream rolls.

After walking up and down the street food rows at least three times, we stopped at a bar for happy hour.

Next was back to Cocotams, which looked even more pretty at night. As there was 6 of us we decided to get one of the VIP decks, for more cocktails and the best seats for the fire show on the beach to end our perfect day at Fisherman’s Village. 

Love Emily x