I love Koh Tao so much. Originally I wasn’t going to go as it’s the place where all of the British tourists and backpackers you hear about on the news go missing and is known as ‘death island’. I might have had 3 minor scary moments (and I mean minor…basically just me being a drama queen moments!), but I’m so glad I came here as I fell in love straight away and can’t even count the amount of times I said ‘I never want to leave’ within the first few hours of being there.

The streets are so pretty. The little rows of shops and food stalls around the piers are picture perfect, and in the evening walkway along the beaches is lit with fairy lights and lanterns. 

When I arrived I headed straight to the beach for the sunset (and stopped for spring rolls on the way of course), which was the best I’ve ever seen. 

A guy from my hostel recommend a beach bar called Leo’s, so a couple of us headed there for cocktails and the fire show. 

We sat right at the front and got chatting to the performers who were great, but I probably shouldn’t of told them I am really scared of fire! This was my first scary moment…scary but fun! After one of them waving the fire around my head shouting ‘free haircut’, they got me to join in with the warmup. I was just as scared as I look, and was convinced I’d come away with burns or frazzled hair, but it was actually so much fun! Fear tackled!


The next day I met up with two girls who I first met in Chiang Mai (we were also together in Pai…this is why I love travelling!) and we visited the John Suwan viewpoint. I say visited…I make it sound like a nice little bus trip with some steps taking you to the top. I wish! After walking for half an hour in the hottest sun I’ve ever witnessed and then somehow making our way up through all the rocks (scary moment number 2…apparently flip flops aren’t cut out for rock climbing), we finally made it! The view was incredible, and definitely worth the climb.

Next we headed straight to the beach to cool off in the sea and lounge around on the beach and at the beach bar. By following the coast line we made our way around to Taa Toh which was completely secluded and so beautiful.

That evening my hostel was hosting a BBQ. I jumped on the back of someone’s bike and we all drove down to the local supermarket to get our food. Chicken, pork, vegetables, sweet potato, halloumi, and cookies for dessert…the perfect feast.


Scary moment number 3 is in my next post. But as I said, more fun than scary, just scary to me! I loved Koh Tao so much and could see myself visiting again and again, it’s beautiful and feels so homely. 

Love Emily x