My first stop visiting the Thai islands was Ko Samui, known for its luxurious beaches, as well as the chance to escape the seaside and visit some of Thailand’s most beautiful waterfalls.

I was lucky enough to be staying right on the beach, and the moment I stepped onto the sand I was instantly wowed. White sandy beaches and clear blue sea was just what I needed to truly feel in holiday mode. 

Usually I can’t sit still for very long, even on the beach, but my first day in Samui I spent lapping up the sun all day long and it was perfect. The heat here is unreal, so I’ve spent most of my time laying on the waters edge with the sea cooling me down and tiny fish swimming around me.

Also, beach clubs have become my absolute favourite. What’s not to love about laying on beach loungers all day listening to music with waiters bringing you mango and strawberry daiquiris…I’ve found my paradise!

I was staying at Chaweng beach, known as the main party area, but as it’s currently low season so there’s a really good atmosphere without it being too crowded. I also visited Mae Nam and Bophut beach which were even more chilled.

Away from the coast, Ko Samui is famous for its waterfalls. Along with Negin, who I first met in Pai, we met four others in our hostel and together we hired a taxi for the day to take us around the island, including visits to two of the most famous waterfalls. 

Namuang 1 was the first stop, where we climbed all around the rocks, and Negin and I had one of our standard photoshoots!

Next was Namuang 2. Everyone had told us to take the jeep to the top as it was a long hike, and I’m so glad we did because it was so much fun! I was strapped to the top (in a seat…not as dodgy as it sounds, but probably just as dangerous), and it genuinely felt like I was on a roller coaster I loved it!

We made our way up to the waterfall and swam around in the fresh water at the bottom. I’d always been to cautious before because of all the rocks, but I can now say I’ve swam in a waterfall!

Ko Samui really is beautiful. It’s completely different to mainland Thailand, and certainly feels less Thai, but the beaches and waterfalls are definitely worth the trip.

Love Emily x