The past few days have been really chilled and it’s just what I needed to refresh as my time in Thailand is soon coming to an end. 

I started off in Phuket walking the full length of Kata beach, where I was staying, and over to the next beach along, Kata Noi. Although the beaches certainly aren’t as amazing as those I have visited elsewhere in Thailand, I loved going for long walks relaxing, listening to my audiobook, and enjoying the sunshine. 

The next morning I went into the old town, along with someone I had met on the ferry from Koh Tao who had decided to also come to Phuket. Phuket old town was really pretty, and almost untouched by the tourist trade which was a nice contrast from the islands in the east I had just come from.

On the map on my phone I’d spotted something call ‘monkey hill’ so I wanted to go and explore. And oh my what a hill it was! 3.5km to the top in the sweltering heat was certainly a challenge. We must have stopped, sat down and had the ‘is this walk really worth it?’ conversation at least 5 times. Although we were well and truly exhausted, we had a great laugh too! Neither of us were going to give up, even if we were starting to go crazy and pretend to talk in Thai to all the locals we passed! I don’t have a clue what we were saying, just random made up words, but we managed a few conversations and the locals loved talking to us and seemed to think we knew what we were saying!

What felt like hours later, when far too many people had told us ‘only 5 minutes away’ all the way up, we found the monkeys! It was amazing to see them just wandering around the street and climbing up the rocks, and luckily a local man was there giving a small group a tour so I wasn’t too scared when the monkeys came close to me!

By the time my last day in Phuket came around, I was starting to get fidgety. I’m rubbish at relaxing and doing nothing, so although I’m in fabulous Thailand, a few days in a quiet town was starting to bore me a little! So I done what I always do when I’ve got a spare day, went shopping! I got a tuktuk to the main town in Phuket, Patong, and felt like I was in absolute heaven when I found a shopping mall amongst the busy streets behind the beach. I’m glad I didn’t stay in Patong as it’s known for being crazy, but it was great to have a day there shopping and visiting a more lively beach to wake me up a bit!

Later that day the hostel was hosting a BBQ, so I met up with loads of other travellers, and a few of us spent the night together down at the beach listening to music and chatting. The mixtures of home countries included Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Holland. Most of them spoke Spanish and English, and some only very basic English, with the Russian girls only being able to understand us if we talked slowly and occasionally used google translate. But I love that! It was so much fun talking about each of our countries, playing games, learning new words, and helping each other in conversations. This is what makes meeting people from all over the world so much fun, and it was a really lovely group of people to spend time with. 

Love Emily  x