The Phi Phi Islands are absolutely beautiful and I had a wonderful day exploring them by speedboat from Phuket.

First stop was monkey beach, which I was a little nervous about as I’d heard so many stories of people getting bitten. I’d actually purposely booked this trip for 7 days before my next flight, just in case I needed to go and get treated for rabies. Such a drama queen! 

The sea is pretty crazy over this side of Thailand at the minute due to it being monsoon season, which meant the tide was high at monkey beach so we stayed on the boat and watched them from afar (I was actually really happy, no monkey bites for me!)

They were so funny jumping around everywhere and diving in the sea, I didn’t even realise monkeys could swim!

We stopped off at the main island, Phi Phi Don, for lunch, and then visited Viking Cave and the Blue Lagoon.

My favourite part was the stop at Maya Bay, where ‘The Beach’ was filmed. It is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen and I couldn’t believe how blue the water was!

Last stop was at the third part of the Phi Phi islands, Ka Nok Island. I was so tired from spending all day on the boat so laid out in the sun with a yummy coconut, going for the occasional dip in the sea to paddle with the fish. 

The Phi Phi islands are so beautiful and I would definitely recommend a boat trip from either Phuket or Krabi to take in their beauty from all angles. 

Love Emily  x