My last stop in Thailand! 

Krabi is a lovely little resort town by the Andaman coast in an area of beautiful limestone karats and mangrove forest. 

Here I have met even more lovely people, and I even got to unexpectedly see my friend Negin again as we happened to be in the same place for the night which was the best surprise!

Krabi is fairly quiet at the minute due to it being low season, which makes it a great time to visit the beaches and see the sights. 

My hostel is a short walk from the beach which makes for a nice stroll for a chilled out day. At one end of the beach is a monkey trail through a national park. I’m loving the monkeys out here! Although my first attempt at visiting only lasted about 3 minutes because I saw a monkey attack someone’s bag for snacks so quickly returned to the beach, the next day I went back with some people from my hostel and made it the whole way! The monkeys are relatively friendly, but give them the wrong look and they won’t hesitate in poking you to show you who’s boss. 

Later that day I visited the local night market. I love the night markets in Thailand, and this one was really cute with food stalls all around the edge feeding the hungry locals while they watch the acts on stage.

A short drive from my hostel is the most amazing hot springs, and a national park featuring the emerald pool. 
The hot springs are along the side of a mountain in a waterfall with mini pools all the way down, with the water hottest at the top at around 35 degrees. Sitting under the waterfall in the steamy water was so lovely!

After a walk through a rainforest I reached the emerald pool. It’s a natural pool in the forest and gets its colour from the spring water gushing downhill through to the soluble limestone or carbonate compounds and other substances in the water. 

My favourite part of Krabi was definitely my day spent riding through the mountains and local villages, and splashing in the sea and galloping along the beach. I absolutely love riding and haven’t done it for so long so it was such an amazing feeling to spend the day with my perfect little pony Sami and see everything on horseback.

Love Emily x