My time in Thailand was absolutely incredible. After flying into Bangkok I made my way up to the north, and then back south visiting first the eastern islands, and then the beaches in the west. You can catch up on all my posts from Thailand here…

Although I loved every single minute, after thinking long and hard I think Pai and Koh Tao were my favourite places because of how chilled out and pretty they were. Maya Bay was also incredible, I could spend days there just staring into the beautiful water. My favourite experience was definitely spending the day looking after elephants in Chang Mai, and I also loved my Thai cookery lesson, and snorkelling with a turtle, and everything else it was all so amazing!

Whilst in Thailand I’ve been obsessed with the book Eat, Pray, Love, and I’ve certainly made the most of stage one…eat! The food was so good, and I literally haven’t stopped eating. 

Although I’ve been to some lovely restaurants, all of my favourite foods have been street food because it tastes so incredible. Pad Thai was my go-to dish, and I also loved fried yellow noodles. And I wouldn’t be able to not mention the spring rolls and Thai pancakes with Nutella that I ended up having most days because I just couldn’t get enough! 

The Thai dishes I learnt to cook myself were also amazing and I can’t wait to try them out at home. The papaya salad and pumpkin dessert were my favourites. 

Thailand was the perfect first stop for my solo travel. All of the people are so lovely, I met lots of other travellers who I had the best time with, and although I wouldn’t say planning travelling is easy, I felt so chilled and relaxed and managed everything just fine. 

I’m having the most incredible time. It really is the best feeling in the world travelling around having the most amazing experiences, and I’m doing it all by myself. That’s something to be proud of even if I do say so myself. The moment I realised just what this meant to me was on the bus to my hostel in Phuket after arriving by ferry from Koh Tao. Admiring the full moon, I pulled out my Qatari note I’d been given as a memory from an Arab guy I’d just met on the ferry on which he’d written ‘to Emily, the small girl’ …small but strong. 

Love Emily x