If it hadn’t have been for a someone in Pai telling me that I have to visit Railay whilst in Krabi, I wouldn’t have even known it existed!

Accessible only by long boat, spending the day in Railay was like a day on a paradise island, with beautiful beaches, a cave to visit, monkeys swinging above you in the trees, and a walkway lined with little shops and restaurants taking you around the whole town in less than an hour.

I arrived into Railay Bay and spent the morning relaxing on the beach, having some of the best food I’ve tasted in Thailand for lunch, served from a long boat on the shore.

A short walk around to the other side of Railay was Phra Na Cave. 

Phra Na beach was absolutely stunning. The golden sand and perfectly blue sea were just so beautiful, and it was definitely one of the best beaches I’ve been to here, coming second to the wonderful Maya Bay.

Not wanting to leave the tranquility of Thailand beaches, I lay on the beach all afternoon till the very last boat back to Krabi was ready to leave.

I was so sad sad to be leaving such a beautiful country, but Krabi was a really lovely place to spend my last few days.
Keep an eye out for my next post looking back on my time in Thailand and all of my favourite things there! 

Love Emily x