From the moment I stepped foot in Singapore I instantly fell in love with this amazing city. Everything is perfect…new, clean, modern, and some amazing luxury spots. I even spent my first hour in Singapore just wandering around the airport because, from butterfly garden’s to swimming pools, there’s so much to see!

Aside from Singapore being everything I would want my dream city to be, my three favourite things about my visit were the shopping, the Marina Bay Sands Resort, and Sentosa Island. Not forgetting my amazing weekend at the Singapore Grand Prix, but I’ll write all about that in my next post!

Shopping in Singapore

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a shopaholic I am. I can wander around shops for hours upon end, and quite regularly (as in several times a week) have huge shopping sprees when I was supposed to just be popping into town for 1 thing.

For this reason, Singapore is like heaven for me! I can’t even count the number of shopping centres, I certainly didn’t get to see even half of them, but a quick Google tells me that there are at least 200, and this city is less than half the size of London!

Orchard Road, although my least favourite of the shopping destinations I visited in Singapore, is known as Asia’s most famous shopping street. Think Oxford Street in London…even the central metro stop is called ‘Orchard Circus’. However where Oxford Street is lined with shops, Orchard Road is lined with shopping centres each with hundreds of shops inside. Incredible.

The metro station closest to where I was staying had a shopping centre of it’s own, so predictably every time I went anywhere I always ended up coming home with shopping bags. Bugis Junction is known as one of most vibrant shopping centres in Singapore with beautiful architecture and an open air shopping street amongst department stores, international brands, and more cafes and restaurants than I could keep up with.

My other favourite shopping centre was Vivo City, the largest shopping centre in Singapore. And when they say large…they mean large. I’m not one to ‘give up’ on shopping, but this place well and truly defeated me. I had the most amazing afternoon browsing all of the western and Asian brands, but I still didn’t even manage to get around half of it. To give you an idea of size…as well over 300 shops, the complex has a 15 screen cinema, a gym, and multiples spas and nightclubs…I certainly got lost more than a few times.

No mention of shopping in Singapore would be complete without including The Shoppes and Marina Bay Sands. Although I was most definitely just window shopping, it did cross my mind whether I do actually need to renew my car insurance this year or whether I should just buy the sparkly rose gold sneakers I was drooling over in Christian Loubiton and walk around in those instead.

Marina Bay Sands

For me, the Marina Bay Sands Resort is what makes Singapore. The actual hotel is amazing. I was lucky enough to have a look around one of the rooms, and just the view alone is worth the extortionate price tag. But Marina Bay is so much more than just a hotel. There’s the luxury shopping mall, celebrity chef restaurants (I visited db Bistro & Oyster Bar and CUT by Wolfgang Puck), the SkyBar, CE LA VI nightclub, and the Gardens by the Bay.

On my first night I went and saw ‘Spectra’, the light and water show in front of Marina Bay that can be viewed from the event plaza decking, and it really was amazing.

I also went to the SkyBar and CE LA VI on my first night, and returned to the SkyBar on my last night after watching the Grand Prix. It’s pretty expensive at $50 entry (usually more expensive at weekends) and drinks starting at $30, but you can’t visit Singapore without having a Singapore Sling, and where else would you choose to do so other than on top of the incredible 5 star resort looking out over the whole city!

Wandering around Gardens by the Bay is another great way to spend a morning or afternoon in Singapore. The ‘supertrees’ are a well known famous sight of Singapore and the waterfront views all around the gardens are breath-taking. 

Sentosa Island 

Sentosa is an island resort just off Singapore’s south coast, and going there feels like a holiday in itself! Attractions include various beaches, two golf courses, 14 hotels, and a Universal Studios theme park. As soon as I got to Universal Studios I felt like a big kid again and couldn’t stop smiling all day…for anyone who’s been to Universal or Disney World in Florida…the ‘Florida feeling’ hit me. 

I only had 1 day to explore Sentosa, so it was a pretty crazy one! There’s so much to see and do, but I had so much fun.

I’m excited just writing this post because I loved it so much! Singapore is definitely somewhere I’d always go back to.

Love Emily  x