I’m in Borneo! Im staying in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, Malaysia, and the perfect base for all of my adventures here. Yesterday I visited Bako National Park, and today I’ve been to Semenggoh Nature Reserve to see the orangutans!

I will happily be the first to admit that I’m not the most likely of people to go trekking through the jungle, and it was certainly a bit different to how I’ve spent the rest of my trip sipping cocktails whilst touring the various beach clubs of Thailand and Bali. About 20 minutes into the trek at Bako National Park I was exhausted, wishing I’d had something a bit more substantial for breakfast than a Belvita biscuit, and to be honest I probably would have given up at that stage had I been on my own. 

Luckily I’d met some others, both at the hostel and on the bus to Bako, and we decided to all go together. So morale was high and we had such a great day! 

We started off by getting a boat from the main land over to the national park, and then chose the route to follow for our trek – through the jungle to a beach on the other side. 

It was tough, especially as it’s so hot in Borneo, but at least I was wearing trainers this time…an improvement from when I went rock climbing in flip flops! And I had the most amazing day! I was so proud of myself for completing the trek, it was my first time doing anything like that and even in one day you learn so much about yourself along the way and it really gives you the energy boost you need to carry on. 

Today has been really exciting – I got to see the orangutans! In Borneo! 


I visited Semenggoh Nature Reserve, a primate rehabilitation centre. The aim of the reserve is to keep it as natural as possible, so none of the orangutans actually turned up to the arranged ‘feeding session’ as it’s fruiting season so there’s plenty of food for them to get themselves in the jungle already. But there were a few hanging around the visitors centre so I was really lucky and got to see them up close. 

Love Emily x