This post should probably be called ‘Nightmare in Kuala Lumpur’ or ’24 hours in KL, and then 24 more in the airport’ after the horrendous experience I had not being able to catch my flight, having to sleep in the airport, and then having to spend the day at a random airport in Sri Lanka, before finally being able to catch a flight to Duabi…but let’s pretend that didn’t happen!


Although I don’t have long left of my trip, I couldn’t visit Malaysia without spending some time in the capital…even it is just for 24 hours.



I arrived at KL airport late Thursday night and went straight to my apartment to drop off my bags. A huge spacious apartment in a high rise serviced residential area was absolute heaven after just under 2 months in hostels.


It was late, but I wanted to see the Petronas Towers at night, and I love exploring cities when everything is all lit up.


After braving my late night walk but then remembering that I am still only a 21 year old blonde girl in the middle of Asia by herself, and convincing myself that every person on the street was out to get me (this is nothing new…this happens in Norwich too, so I’ve done pretty well to get this far), I hastily headed back to my apartment where I knew the security guards at the entrance gates would fight off any remaining kidnappers following me home (again…how have I got this far being such a worrier?!?) Anyway, the pool was waiting for me, and I couldn’t resist a quick midnight dip before bed.


The next morning I started off with a trip to the gym, which felt amazing after not going for 7 weeks! Well, very tiring and sweaty too. Apart from the people, the gym is the one thing I’ve missed about home and I’m actually so excited to get back into it in my final week in Dubai and then back home.


Next I headed to the Batu Caves. They’re only an hour by train to KL so make a great mini adventure when you’re short of time!


Afterwards I went back to the Petronas Towers for a walk around the beautiful park there. I can’t get enough of the sun here and haven’t once struggled with the heat, I actually love it!


No prizes for guessing how I spent the rest of the day before my flight…I think I did well to only visit one shopping centre here! The excuse of ‘well I can’t visit (fill in the city here) without having a shopping trip’ came out again, and I had a lovely afternoon at the KLCC mall. I also had to buy another bag because everything I’ve bought no longer fits in my rucksack…but we’ll pretend that bit didn’t happen!


Love Emily  x